Каталог пистолетов Кольт

2 coltsmfg.COM 2013 A mong the inspirational achievements of the nineteenth century, none stands out more clearly in its actual worth to human progress than that of Samuel Colt, who as a boy, in 1830, originated and made practical the idea of six pistols in one - the Colt Revolver. But more than all, the Colt has stood throughout the years an emblem of protected right - an advocate of Law and Order. The first Colt revolvers were made at Paterson, N.J., Arms Company and, two years later, the so-called "Texas Pistol" was put on the market. From that time until the present day Colts have rendered valiant service in every American military engagement beginning with the Seminole uprising and throughout the World War. However, it has been during times of peace that Colts have meant most to the progress of America. Colts in the hands of intrepid and determined pioneers policed the far western plains and mountains when the Mississippi river was virtually the Western frontier of our nation. Colts brought law and order to a vast empire which had been overrun with renegades and rogues, helping to make famous such inspiring names as Kit Carson, Fremont, Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Garrett, and Custer. Colt Unvarying Quality The Colt Company has always manufactured one grade only of firearms and that of the highest possible quality in design, material and workmanship. Exactly the same quality of manufacture that is furnished to the United States Government for Marine, Navy and Army Service, to police departments and protective agencies the world over is furnished to every user of Colt Revolvers and Automatic Pistols. This is because every arm turned out by the Colt organization is made on the same machines by the same workmen, of the same material and must pass the same forms of inspection and test: Colt firearms are designed by men schooled in the arts and traditions of building firearms for a century, and many of the craftsmen doing and inspecting the particular work of Colt manufacture and assembly have been in the Colt organization for fifty years or more. How Colt Fire Arms are Made Every bar of steel used in Colt Fire Arms manufacture is compounded and rolled at the Steel Mills in accord with Colt specifications. Materials are not only carefully selected but are subjected to the most scientific analyses and tests by trained engineers and heat treated by expert metal hardeners. Parts are micrometer gauged for absolute accuracy, finishing operations carefully checked and assembly of arms accomplished by expert workmen. Finally, each arm is adjusted, proof tested, and shot or targeted by experienced marksmen to determine accuracy and exactness of operation, before it is put through the final inspection and is entitled to have stamped upon it the little triangular "Verified Proof” mark. Colt Quality Since 1836 Something of the infinite care given to every piece may be gleaned from the fact that in proving a single part of a Colt Automatic Pistol, 35 different gauges are used. The final finishing and gauging of frame and barrel as well as hammer, trigger, sear and safety device, after forging and machining, is skilled hand work. Anyone observing the care and craftsmanship bestowed by the skilled artisans who do the work of fitting, assembling and adjusting these parts might well imagine them engaged on fine watch movements so painstaking is their task. Colt Standard of Inspection The finishes given to Colt Revolvers and Automatic Pistols result from years of experiment and experience to produce the best possible plating and blueing methods. The character of service demanded of Fire Arms calls, not alone for unusual skill in application of finishes but the best methods and equipment, to insure maximum permanence of finish. This description of Colt Fire Arms manufacture is certain to create a vivid impression of the thoroughness that characterizes every act performed in the Colt factory. It is only through this unflagging attention to even the minutest details that Colt's has attained and retained its leadership in the Fire Arms industry since 1836. One-Hundred Seventy-Seven Years of Colt Fire Arms Manufacture Excerpted from a Colt Catalog of the 1930's: Armsmear Crest.