Каталог огнестрельного оружия Marlin

2 Blacked-out looks and tricked-out performance combine to create the ultimate rendition of the strongest, smoothest, most accurate lever actions ever built. Marlin Dark Series features include a 16.5” threaded barrel, stealthy-tough black matte parkerized finish, big-loop lever wrapped in paracord and XS lever rail with ghost ring sight and more. See page 14 MODEL 1895 MODEL 1894 MODEL 444 MARLIN DARK SERIES MODEL 336 WELCOME TO THE NEXT 150 YEARS OF MARLIN INNOVATION. In 2020, we’re honored to unveil two 150 th Anniversary offerings – honed to perfection in timeless guncraft tradition. We are also introducing our Dark Series, outfitted with every performance-enhancing feature a modern hunter could want. These, and every rifle on the pages within, proudly represent the pinnacle of a century-and-a-half of Marlin innovation. N E W F O R 2020