Каталог огнестрельного оружия ZASTAVA

Long tradition Zastava arms is the cradle of Serbian industry. In 1851 a decision was made to move the Gun Foundry from Belgrade to Kragujevac and in 1853 first cannon barrels were cast. This ended the efforts of the Principality of Serbia to have its own production of arms and equipment. Gun Foundry in Kragujevac, the center of the Principality of Serbia, quickly developed in material and spiritual way. The Gun Foundry had first steam engines, first electric light, first technical school, first quality system and at the World Fair in Paris, in 1889, the Gun Foundry won several medals. Before the Second World War, the factory was a real industrial giant, with almost twelve thousand employees and ten thousand machines. After the war, the factory started the production of rifle M48, and today Zastava arms produces modern arms and military equipment. Years of experience in the field of development of products, technology and capacities created conditions for the transfer of technology to other countries. As we use CATIA software to design our products, we can quickly respond to the demands of the market. Strategic decision of Zastava arms is a good position of our product in global world market and cooperation with arms manufacturers in the world. By applying Quality Management System (QMS) Zastava arms constantly endeavors to improve the quality of products and all processes. QMS (SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and SORS 9000/05) was re-certified in 2010. Permanent investment in education of staff and purchase of state-of-the-art computer equipment and technology results in placement of new products that follow trends in the world market. With systematic, skilled and creative work, based on tradition of 158 years, Zastava arms tends to keep the trust of the users of products and services. Content of the buyers is the measure of success of Zastava arms. General manager Rade Gromovic